Two Convenient Locations:

 3182 Chili Ave                    4400 Buffalo Road
Rochester NY 14624                North Chili, NY 14514

Phone: (585) 426-6397 

   A Time to Grow offers a unique early childhood
       learning experience lead by a dedicated nurturing staff. 

 Our updated curriculum along with our philosophy 
  of "Learning through Play" are the basis for our
         age appropriate programs that will meet the individual      needs of children as they grow and learn.

We offer 2-day Preschool Classes for 3-4 year
olds and 3 or 4-day Pre-K classes for 4-5 year
     olds who are entering kindergarten the following year.
       In addition to the above programs, we also offer a
   3-day Preschool Class for 3-4 year olds at our Chili Avenue location.


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