Preschool Program

Our experienced early childhood teachers create a nurturing environment to cultivate your child's social, emotional and cognitive skills which are the building blocks to success in elementary 
school and beyond.  

Program focus:
-Activities that promote self-expression and build confidence
-Promoting independence and building self-control skills
-Creating opportunities for building new friendships
-Large and small motor skills activities
-Basic readiness skills
-Building language through literature, music and rhymes
-Exploring and learning through cooperative play
-Discovering the world around us


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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-K programs allow children another year to grow, mature and enhance and refine their emerging skills.  Listening skills, following directions, accepting additional responsibility and becoming increasingly independent are some of the important skills that are focused on in this program.  Children are able to continue learning through play while accepting the additional structure of our Pre-K programs.  This balanced approach helps children to meet the emotional as well as the academic challenges of kindergarten with eagerness and confidence.  

Programs Highlights:

-Introduction to letter and number recognition, 
beginning sounds and beginning writing

-Reinforcement of color and shape recognition

-Ongoing Projects

-Field Trips

-Resource and interest centers

-Extended learning for eager minds

-Large and small motor skill activities